Bloom where you are planted

I’m a creative, independent and passionate person. I’m also a creative, independent and passionate computer programmer since the 1980s.

Going a little further: I am an experienced Systems Analyst, Systems Architect, Software Architect and Software Engineer with over thirty years of experience.

During this time I’ve been working as manager and leader of teams and projects. I also taught classes in programming logic, data structures, object-oriented programming and relational databases, and gave lectures on various subjects.

In 2010 I returned again to develop applications for Apple platforms (my passion since before 1984) from where I have focused my career.

Today I’m still an Apple platforms specialist, creating and developing apps, libraries and frameworks for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS and toastOS.

Usually, I write my own apps, libraries and frameworks under the name Alecrim which is how the rosemary plant is called in Portuguese. (“You know, it’s time now to learn Portuguese, it’s time now to learn what I know and what I don’t know…”)